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No.477 Hongxing Road, Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou
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R&D Mechanical Engineer


  • Selection of basic parts and design of non-standard parts in related fields of industrial robots;

  • Project design and mechanical structure design of industrial robot peripheral automation system;

  • Customer field research; solving Customer's technical problem and on-site technical guidance;

  • Technical communication with suppliers and manufacturers and equipment selection.


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in Mechanical, Mechatronics or Automatic Control;

  • Familiar with mechanical transmission principles and designs, familiar with stainless steel and metal as well as welding process. At least 5 years' experience in product design.

  • Familiar with CAD, Solidworks, AUTOCAD, OFFICE and other software;

  • Familiar with mechanical principles and limits and fits, familiar with machining parts and processing technology, familiar with motor, pneumatic, servo stepper and other transmission system design;

  • Understand the application of robot handling and other application fields, and applicants of good design experience for robot surrounding automation are preferred;

  • Good cost awareness, quality awareness, good comprehensive analysis and problem-solving ability.

No.477 Hongxing Road, Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou