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Gorilla robot controller, self-developed by Robotphoenix, could be regarded as an integrated system for multi-robots and multi-axes. One robot controller can complete the logic control, point control and motion control of multi-robots, multi-servo axes and multi-actuators. According to the application requirements, different types and numbers of robots and motor servos are reasonably configured to realize the one-stop solution of multi-axes and multi-robots control by fast data interaction.

Features of Robot Controller

  • Gorilla robot controller is not only a motion controller, but also one of the machine control system that integrates visual processing and conveyor belt tracking.

  • The motion control module is capable of algorithmic processing and motion controlling of machine kinematics and path planning.

  • Visual module includes visual calibration, template matching and image processing.

  • The tracking module matches the visual processing results and the operation situation of the external conveyor line, and then carries out dynamic tracking to realize the seamless connection between the machine and the vision.

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