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Alumni of China Europe International Business School Jinan Alumni Association Visited Robotphoenix for Guidance

On the morning of October 15, more than 30 alumni from CEIBS Jinan Alumni Association, led by Secretary General Yao Haiyuan, visited Robotphoenix, were warmly received by Zhang Sai, Chairman of Robotphoenix, Zhang Zichao, Deputy General Manager and alumnus of CEIBS SH1 class of 2022, together with some senior management of the company.

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Chairman Zhang Sai expressed warm welcome and gratitude to the visiting alumni for their long term attention and support to Robotphoenix. At the same time, the alumni made the brief self-introduction, deepening the understanding between each other and laying an opportunity for more in-depth cooperation in the future.

Later, with humorous language, vivid expressions and brilliant PowerPoint presentations, Zhang Sai brought a perfect visual feast of science and technology to all alumni, left them a preliminary understanding of advanced industrial robotics and products of Robotphoenix.

advanced ndustrial robotics

industrial engineering robotics

Alumni visited the corporate showroom, R&D laboratory, workshops and other areas of Robotphoenix. Through the visit and explanation, alumni had a more complete view of corporate culture and development history of Robotphoenix, as well as deeper understanding of the company's product development, production debugging and project development.

Alumni were deeply impressed by the achievements of Robotphoenix in the past decade and believed that the future of the company would be brighter and brighter.

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Chairman Zhang Sai and Deputy General Manager Zhang Zichao took questions from alumni at the symposium.


First of all, for the enterprise organization structure construction and talent management, Zhang Sai said Robotphoenix would always continue to optimize the enterprise organization structure, to promote development with practical work, to boost innovation with talent, fully mobilize enthusiasm and creativity of staff, and constantly improve the level of corporate management.


Later, some alumni expressed their hope to start deeper communication with Robotphoenix in terms of talent cooperation, school-enterprise communication platform construction, and transformation of production, learning and research results.

Zhang Zichao said that Robotphoenix always regarded talents as the cornerstone of enterprise development, we were eager to establish good cooperation with talent training and technology incubation companies, and at the same time, the company was constantly improving its internal talent training program, hoping to work together with all parties to jointly promote the integration of industry, academia and research.


In terms of project initiation and promotion, some alumni inclined to learn about relevant experience. Zhang Sai said that the enterprise projects were driven by solving customer pain point. For example, in our Dong'e donkey hide gelatin project, the customer's front-end production line had been automated, but the back-end packaging process had not been solved, and the production method was still relatively primitive, so we introduced custom robotic solutions and adopted the project promotion method of allowing the customer to try out the equipment for free after understanding the customer's needs. Of course, the follow-up result was also ideal, the customer, after 3 months of trial, had handed over the whole line of back-end packaging link to us, successfully reducing a considerable part of production costs for the enterprise.


Both sides also had in-depth exchanges on the future strategic planning of the enterprise, energy saving and emission reduction, etc. Robotphoenix has always been taking the vision of becoming a world-class Chinese industrial robotics enterprise. While developing ourselves, we also hope that we can empower more enterprises through advanced industrial robotics to build intelligent iterations and promote the birth of more green technology factories.

The alumni expressed their affirmation of Robotphoenix's business philosophy of 'building excellent products with cutting-edge technology and shaping quality services with profession and efficiency', and hoped to further strengthen the communication with Robotphoenix in the future.

Through this exchange activity, wish all the alumni can draw on each other's merits for common progress through mutual promotion and learning, and seek more opportunities for resource matching and mutual benefit in the future development.

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robotics and automation technology

The visit event of the Jinan branch of CEIBS Alumni Association to Robotphoenix in the midst of the laughter in the end. We hope this activity can give full play to the role of alumni association as a bridge, strengthen the communication between alumni, and realize the sharing of resources and information.

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Jinan branch of CEIBS Alumni Association was established in 2004. Since its establishment, it has actively integrated alumni resources, built a communication and resource sharing platform among alumni, and provided services and support to more than 400 alumni in 15 cities across the province. Through organizing a series of activities such as forums, lectures, seminars and public welfare walks, the branch has closely linked alumni with alumni, alumni with the school and alumni with society.

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