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Gathering at CMR Annual Conference, Robotphoenix Joins Hands with AGV/AMR Enterprises to Move towards a New Mileage for 2024

On December 13th, the 2023 China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Development Annual Conference, hosted by Mobile Robot And AGV/AMR Industry Alliance, was grandly held in Dongguan, Guangdong.

As an annual industry event, with the theme of “The Great Form Has no Shape; To Buck the Trend”, this annual conference gathered more than 800 people from more than 400 enterprises inside and outside the alliance, discussed the reality and future development path of the mobile robot industry from different perspectives, and talked about the new trend of the industry development.

As a new force enterprise of AMR, Robotphoenix was invited to participate in this annual conference to discuss a new chapter in the market, technology, and applications of mobile robot with industry leaders.


Industry Development Annual Conference

During the annual conference, Zhang Xu, CEO of Robotphoenix, delivered a keynote speech on “Solidarity and Concerted Efforts: ODM Empowers AGV/AMR”. Looking back at history, the rise of the Wintel alliance has proven that reasonable division of labor can achieve win-win cooperation between upstream enterprises and downstream customers in the industry chain. Currently, the AGV supply system is vertical, and all software, AGV body, and delivery are independently completed by AGV manufacturers.

Robotphoenix is committed to being “Foxconn” in the AGV industry and provides ODM services to industry customers. In this process, Robotphoenix proposed the “GAIA Plan”, advocating for the separation of software, AGV body, and delivery, hoping to create a more open supply chain system, further reduce procurement costs on the premise of ensuring that the interests of suppliers are not damaged, create the most cost-effective AGV body, achieve industry division of labor, and make the industry more prosperous.



GAIA Joint Procurement Plan

At the “Supply Chain Special Session and Purchasing Managers Summit” held at the same time as the annual conference, Robotphoenix teamed up with more than 10 leading AGV manufacturers and integrators in the industry to conduct the first volume-based centralized procurement, reducing costs of some components by up to 40%. The aim was to build an open and cooperative procurement platform to reduce overall costs through centralized procurement.

Procurement Features

1. Advance payment annual frame procurement

Promise suppliers to make “advance payment”, “no payment terms”, and “no acceptance”. By being paid advance payments, suppliers do not need to make advance payments to purchase materials. The cash on delivery model reduces the advance cost and bad debt risk in the original industry terms for suppliers, significantly reducing operating pressure and risks.

2. Smooth procurement on an annual basis

This procurement plan allows suppliers to smoothly supply goods, and the enterprise conducts monthly quantitative procurement on an annual basis. This smooth procurement model allows suppliers to utilize idle production capacity to achieve production, avoid overtime to catch up with the schedule, and thus reduce production costs.

3. Multiple companies bid winning model

Multiple companies bid winning model under the requirement of blocking bid prices. Cultivate industry supply chains to prevent Matthew effect among component manufacturers. Excellent small and new suppliers can also obtain small orders, enriching market supply.

Through the above methods, it not only maximizes the cost-effectiveness of AGV body, but also solves the common difficulties faced by suppliers, ensuring that suppliers’ interests are not damaged.



In the future, Robotphoenix will work together with many peers to promote the rational and sustainable development of the industry with an attitude of common progress, injecting more innovative vitality into the industry.

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