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Robotphoenix Has Officially Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shandong Institutes of Industrial Technology (SIIT)

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On August 16, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Shandong Institutes of Industrial Technology (SIIT)and Robotphoenix LLC was successfully held. Mr. Zhang Boming, the president assistant and the president of Advanced Materials Research Institute of SIIT, Mr. Zhang Sai, the president of Robotphoenix LLC, and Mr. Cao Meng, VP of TusStar Camp and GM of TusIncubator all attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Liu Yu, Executive VP of Kongtian Intelligent Equipment Institutes (raising), performed the activity and Mr. Liu Zunyu, securities affairs director of Robotphoenix LLC participated in the organizing and coordinating processes.

SIIT is an independent enterprise legal entity which is set up by People's Government of Shandong Province. SIIT focuses on industry cutting-edge technology, the key core technology and industrial generic technology problems. Through the mode of "Talents + Projects + Platforms + Investment", it has widely developed cooperation with high-level universities at home and abroad, scientific research institutions and the industry leading enterprises. It aims to break through industrial core technology and to commercialize technology productions. It aims to fully support innovative industrial developments and to replace old growth drivers with new ones in Shandong.

At the forum, Mr. Cao Meng, as one of the important go-betweens, expressed warm congratulations on the cooperation between the two sides, and introduced the development layout and current work focus of TusStar in Shandong. Shandong TusIncubator, as a professional platform for industrial incubation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements jointly developed by SIIT and TusStar, would fully play the function as a bridge linking, to continuously explore the needs for enterprise development, to cluster resource advantages for innovation side and demand side, and to build an interconnectional platform for industrial study and research and industrial cultivation.

President Zhang Boming introduced the historical development of S SIIT. Established three years ago, SIIT has developed technical innovation layout in the field of advanced materials, fusions between information and intelligence. Starting from cultivating leading industry, strategic emerging services and upgrading traditional industries, it actively promotes cooperations in technical projects and talents projects with various enterprises in Shandong province, hoping to carry out a deeper cooperation under the opportunity of signing with Robotphoenix.

President Mr. Zhang Sai made a professional interpretation of the industry development trends and future opportunities, after combining the historical development of Robotphoenix with his years of experience in industrial developing, manufacturing and marketing in the field of industrial robots. He put forward the industrial robotic key parts, the development trend of lightweight robots, and application cases of 3D printing commercialization. He expressed that he gratefully cherished the cooperation opportunity between each other and he ensured the implementation of cooperation.

After the signing ceremony, Mr. Zhang Sai, Mr. Mao Ben, the secretary of the board of Robotphoenix, Mr. Zhou Yingzheng, the projects supervisor of Advanced Materials Institute in SIIT, Mr. Fang Guangyin, executive general manager of TusStar Incubator Base (Laiwu, Jinnan), Ms. Zhu Yumiao, VP of TusIncubator in SIIT and some others, all visited the sample processing center of SIIT.

The cooperation between Robotphoenix and SIIT would be carried out by integrating the advantages of the mode of "Talents + Projects + Platforms + Investment", proposed by SIIT, with the advantages of years of successful industrial practice by Robotphoenix who provides quality industrial robotics solutions. They aim to jointly build the achievement transformation chain of "R&D - pilotscale experiment - industrialization", to open up the channel of transforming scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces and to contribute to the development of robotics and high-end equipment manufacturing industries in Shandong and China.

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