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Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Suwit Khunkitti Met with the Robotphoenix Team


Recently, a delegation led by Zhang Sai, Chairman and President of Robotphoenix, and Chen Ran, Head of Overseas Business Unit, were invited to Thailand for industry exchanges, and were warmly received by Mr. Suwit Khunkitti, former Vice Premier of Thailand and member of the 7th Khon Kaen Conference, and other leading figures. The two sides had friendly exchanges and discussions.

At the symposium, Zhang Sai, Chairman and President of Robotphoenix, narrated Thai leaders about exploration of Robotphoenix in the field of industrial robots. Combining the development history and years of experience in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing in the industrial robot industry, he provided a professional interpretation of the industry's development trends and opportunities, and detailed the core technological advantages, products, and applications of Robotphoenix.

Chen Ran, the head of the overseas business unit, briefly shared the progress of Robotphoenix in the overseas market in recent years. During this period, both parties had in-depth exchanges and communication on the potential market for automation in Thailand from multiple perspectives and positions, taking into account the current situation of the Thai market.



At the end of the meeting, Chairman Zhang Sai, presented the Chinese porcelain to the Thai side, symbolizing friendship, expresses respect and gratitude to them.


Rooted in China, marching towards the world robot stage. The overseas market will be one of the key markets that Robotphoenix is currently investing in.

Looking towards the future, in the strategic step of laying out the global market with an international perspective, Robotphoenix will continue to seize the opportunity, adhere to the business philosophy of integrity, lean, hard work, and innovation, while deeply cultivating the domestic market, accelerate the pace of overseas markets, deepen the global industrial robot business, and provide more competitive products and services for industry customers.

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