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Industrial Automation And Robotic Vision System  From Robotphoenix

Automation and robotics technology is reshaping industries across the globe. This transformative field combines advanced machinery, artificial intelligence, and programming to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Automation and robotics technology eliminates repetitive tasks, enhances precision, and improves efficiency, leading to cost savings and higher quality output. From manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and beyond, this automation robotics technology is revolutionizing the way we work. Embracing robotic automation technology opens up a world of possibilities, empowering businesses to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

At present, Robotphoenix, as the leader of robotic manufacturing , has a full-category product matrix of lightweight industrial automation and robotics and core components, including delta parallel robots, SCARA robots, small 6-axis robots, coordinate robots, AGV robots, wafer handling robots, robot controllers, vision systems, etc. All these automation robotics adopting Robotphoenix's robotics and automation technology are widely used in grasping, transporting and other high-precision operations of complex production lines to help replace labors with robots in industries such as medicine, food, electronics and photovoltaic.

Automation Robotics and Visual System for Sale

Industrial Robots For Sale

Robotphoenix has lightweight high-performance industrial robots of all categories, which can be adapted to various production environments.
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Robot Visual System

Visual module supports 2D and 3D visual recognition, which can be used for visual calibration, template matching, image processing and other links.
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Why Choose Robotphoenix and Our Industrial Robots & Visual System

Why Choose Robotphoenix and Our Industrial Robots & Visual System
  • Team: An industrialization team with 40% of full-time R & D personnel.

  • "ROBOT+" service concept: According to the characteristics of customer production line, we help with software upgrading, robot maintenance and fast supply of components.

  • Technical support: As a professional industrial robot supplier, we offer comprehensive training services, including robot programming, electrical foundation, robot maintenance and so on.

  • Turnkey service mode: Professionals participate in the whole process from solution customization to successful operation of the machine.

  • Products: A full category product matrix of lightweight high-performance robots with robotic automation technology.

How Do Industrial Robotic Machinery Work to Help Human?

The robots produced by Robotphoenix, one of the leading robotic equipment manufacturers who grasp advanced robotic machinery, can easily be operated. The user guides the robot according to the actual task and operates it step by step. Benefited from robotic automation technology, the robot will automatically remember every action position, posture, motion parameters and process parameters during the guidance process, and generate a program to perform all operations continuously. After the teaching is completed, by issuing the start command to the robot, it will accurately complete all the operations step by step according to the instruction.

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    Automatic Packing Solution
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    Automatic Arranging Solution
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    Automatic Sorting Solution
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    Bottle Unscrambling Solution
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    Lids Applicator Solution
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    Assembly Robot Solution
Explore Markets of Automatic Handling Robots
Robotics In Food Industry Food Industry
Food Industry
It can be used for handling, sorting, packing, packaging and other processes of bag-packed, box-packed and bottle-packed foods.
Robot in Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical
Class-0 and oil-free makes production cleaner, which is in compliance with medical production hygiene and quality management norms.
Robot in Logistics Logistics
It can be used for express cargo sorting, logistics turnover and other processes
Robot in Daily Chemical Daily Chemical
Daily Chemical
It can be used for gluing, sorting, arrangement, handling, packing and other processes of daily chemical products
Robot in 3C 3C
It can be used to processes like assemble machines, produce and mount components
Robot in New Energy New Energy
New Energy
It can be used for gluing, sorting, handling, packing and other processes in the new energy industry.
Robots In Automotive Industry Automotive
It can be used in testing, handling, stacking and other processes.
Robot in Electronics Industry Electronics
It can be used for electronic products assembling, sorting, handling, sorting, packing, packaging and other processes.
Robot in Manufacturing Manufacturing
It creates high efficiency and high product yield rate. It can replace humans to complete difficult, boring and mechanized work with long working hours.
Robotics in Warehouse Warehouse
It has functions of AGV handling, data analysis and remote control.
No.477 Hongxing Road, Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou