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It has been 11 years and we will continue to press forward with indomitable will.

Review the past 11 years,

The long journey has been engraved with time.

It is the road for a group of dreamers striving to achievement.

It is also a journey for them growing together

Time gives employees of Robotphoenix steadiness, maturity, and confidence.They run forward with warm memories.


Eleven years of eventful journey, we gather together to create the brighter future. On June 26, 2023, Robotphoenix 11th anniversary celebration was successfully held.


Employees of the company headquarters and subsidiaries dressed neatly in company special-designed clothes and gathered together. Dozens of company shareholders, experts and scholars, partners and media journalists were also invited to the scene, and the scene was full. People are all gathered here to celebrate the grand occasion.

Summary Conference

Just like “flying across The Mirror Lake under the moonlight in one night”, Zhang Sai, CEO of Robotpghoenix, opened the ceremony with a poem from Li Bai, and led everyone to review the company's experience in the past 11 years.



Prominent guests from all walks of life brought wonderful speeches, such as Guo Zhiqiang, chairman & CEO of CENTURY INNOVATION, Li Yanfeng, founder of Zhengyan Software, Luo Sina, General manager of Gaogong Robot, Liu Huining, a teacher from Tsinghua University, etc. Wang Ying, secretary-general of Jinan (International) Robot and High-end Equipment Industry Association, delivered a congratulatory speech.


Time flies and new chapters change day by day.


Standing their ground firmly for more than 4,000 days has paved the way for the ideal. Each harvest can not be separated from the hard work of every employees of Robotphoenix. In this birthday night, Robotphoenix awarded honors for the hard dedication of the excellent staff and teams.


Celebration Party

At night, the celebration scene was starry, and various interactive links were exciting. With the advancement of the party, various awards were also sent out one by one, and the scene was full of surprises.





The 11th anniversary celebration of Robotphoenix was successfully held.

However, its progressive road never stops. On the new starting point of the 11th anniversary journey, let us improve quality and innovation, step up and accelerate, and use unremitting efforts to hold up a brilliant future of Robotphoenix.


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