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Keeping strong momentum to overseas exhibition of VME and PACK EXPO, Robotphoenix sincerely invite you to visit

Vietnam Manufacturing Exhibition


Address:Hanoi International Exhibition Center

Booth No.:J04

Exhibition Introduction

Vietnam Manufacturing Exhibition is Vietnam's leading industrial machinery manufacturing exhibition and the only automotive component machinery and technology exhibition in Vietnam.

The exhibition gathers cutting-edge technologies in the fields of machinery, components, equipment, and solutions required by lead edge industries such as automobiles, electronics, and machinery.

Robotphoenix, with the equipment of Mobile Phone Screen Protectors Cyclically Picking and Placing, has made its overseas debut to assist the rapid development of the light industry.

Equipment introduction





Booth No.:SU-7896

Exhibition Introduction

PACK EXPO is one of the international procurement projects certified by the US Department of Commerce and the largest industry exhibition in North America, possessing great influence and professionalism in international packaging exhibitions.

The exhibition covers cutting-edge technologies in fields such as machinery, packaging, and processing. Thousands of exhibitors will take numerous new products and technologies to the exhibition, jointly creating the largest industry feast of the year.

Robotphoenix will take the Cookies Dynamic Picking and Packaging Equipment to assist the rapid development of the light industry.

Equipment introduction


Creating a full category product matrix

Over the past decade, Robotphoenix has started with delta robots and has gradually developed into a platform-oriented enterprise across all categories, providing a full range of products including delta robots, SCARA robots, six-axis robots, AGV robots, wafer handling robots, robot controllers, visual systems, and more.

At present, products of Robotphoenix have been widely applied in the sorting, handling, packaging, gluing, palletizing, precision assembly, testing, spraying and other aspects of light industry such as food, pharmaceuticals, 3C electronics, daily chemicals, semiconductors, and automotive components.


Delta robots

The Bat series delta robots launched by Robotphoenix have a load range of 0.1KG-60KG and are widely applied in precision assembly, sorting, packaging, and other industries such as 3C electronics, food, medicine, daily chemical, logistics, and new energy.

Bat series delta robots have great advantages in fast grasping and sorting applications: high positioning accuracy, with repeated positioning accuracy less than 0.1mm, meeting most application scenarios, possessing rich functional expansion, strong openness and flexibility, secondary development capability, flexible application and fast grasping action.


SCARA robots

The Python series SCARA robots launched by Robotphoenix have arm lengths ranging from 450mm to 850mm, which can accurately complete tasks such as gluing, tin soldering, and plugins  in industries such as 3C electronics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, and semiconductors.

Python series SCARA robots possess superior speed, accuracy, linearity, and perpendicularity performance, equipped with independently developed control systems, achieving widespread application of highly flexible automation solutions.


Six-axis robots

The Mantis series six axis robots launched by Robotphoenix have a load range of 3-7KG, which are more suitable for building robot workstations for small units. They can be used in industries such as electronics, medicine, daily chemicals, new energy, and automobiles for handling, loading and unloading, stacking and dismantling, spraying, assembly, welding, and other processes.

This Mantis series six axis robots are developed for complex applications with multiple degrees of freedom, combined with comprehensive motion space design and rich software functions, to meet more layout and application scenarios, and can complete loading, unloading, sorting and other tasks with high speed and precision.


AGV robots

The Camel series AGV robots launched by Robotphoenix include latent, forklift, and composite robots. Through laser/QR code/visual traction, they are widely used for goods-to-man transportation in e-commerce, 3C electronics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and other fields. They also support customized load attachments as an extension platform to meet multiple scene applications.


Robot controller

Based on the solution of ‘motion control+PC’, the Gorilla Controller launched by Robotphoenix integrates logic control, point control, synchronous control, and various robot controls. It has robot hand-eye calibration algorithms and conveyor belt calibration algorithms, achieving precise positioning, grasping, and alignment tasks.


Vision system

The Vision Power universal intelligent vision platform developed by Robotphoenix has four major highlights: Self-developed image processing operators; Open visual algorithm interface; Integrated 2D/3D visual algorithms; Integrated deep learning algorithms.

In the future, Robotphoenix will continue to focus on developing overseas markets, further promoting industrial robot products overseas, and deepening the global industrial robot business.

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