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Characteristics And Advantages Of Six-axis Robot Manipulator

The six-axis articulated robot manipulator uses the rotating axis (or movable joint) for loading, unloading and post-processing. It uses a linear axis to reposition, and can make flexible movements like human beings. It has six degrees of freedom, and the robot can execute the instructions of the operator. Most operations can be carried out from workpiece rotation to complex workpiece placement and assembly. The advantage of the rail-mounted type is that it simplifies the tool configuration of the arm terminal. In some cases, these tools can be shared between part runs. This kind of six axis robot manipulator is quite flexible and can take out the workpiece from the top or side of the machine.

The six-axis robot has the following advantages:

1. Programmable: The biggest feature of six-axis industrial robot produced by Robotphoenix is flexible startup, which is an important part of flexible manufacturing system. The industrial robot can be reprogrammed according to the changes of its working environment and processing parts, which is suitable for the application of flexible manufacturing production lines with small batch and multiple varieties and balanced efficiency.

2. Humanization: six-axis industrial robot combines the characteristics of robot and human. In the structure of the 6-axis industrial robot, there are parts like human walking, waist turning, big arm, small arm, wrist, paw, etc., and there are computers in the control. The sensor improves the adaptive ability of the industrial robot to the surrounding environment.

3. Universality: general six-axis industrial robots have good versatility when performing different tasks. Of course, there are also special industrial robots.

4. Mechatronics: six-axis industrial robot is a combination of mechanics and microelectronics - mechatronics technology. Industrial robots have various sensors to obtain external environment information, and also have artificial intelligence such as memory ability, language understanding ability, image recognition ability, reasoning and judgment ability. These are closely related to the application of microelectronics technology, especially the application of computer technology.

Features of six-axis robot manipulator:

1. Fast speed adopts lightweight components and high-power WeChat motor, which improves the speed, thus shortening the cycle time and improving production efficiency.

2. High precision: the six-axis industrial manipulator adopts high-quality and high-performance harmonic reducer, so that it can be repeatedly positioned in the operation project to ensure the accuracy.

3. Good sealing: all shafts are completely sealed, suitable for use in harsh environments with high sealing requirements such as dust, oil, harmful gas and liquid.

4. The six-axis articulated robot is compact in shape and relatively large in load, which reduces the interference with peripheral equipment and has strong load capacity.

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