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Why Choose Robot Phoenix

We have been investing in areas such as robot product R&D, application technology innovation, and intelligentmanufacturing solutions, making robots more intelligent, efficient, and convenient, and empowering digital industry and high-end equipment technology.

1. Lightweight and compact:

Lightweight design; small footprint; easy to maintain and configure as the production line changes

2. Easy to use:

Adopting a simple Ul interface, it is convenient for users to quickly complete machine operation, program changes, status tracking, etc.

3. High speed and precision:

We select the highly responsive servo drive system and highly optimized transmissions tructure. Equipped with a robot specific control system independently developed by us, it greatly improves the speed and accuracy of motion.

4. Integrated control system:

Dynamic tracking enables seamless integration between machines and vision. Multiple machines can share a set of control systems to achieve multi-machine collaboration.

5.Class-0 & oil-free:

We can provide clean robots specifically designed for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, which are clean and pollution-free.

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OEM Robots

Industrial Robots OEM Service

OEM Service

Robotphoenix specializes in researching and developing light-weight high-speed industrial robotics. Robotphoenix continues to challenge core technology and persists in providing excellent robots and services for manufacturing enterprises all over the world. With a full range of robotic machinery products, Robotphoenix has expended flexible applications of robots in multiple fields.

Core Advantages

  • Turnkey Service Mode: Professional staff participate in the whole process from the program customization to the normal operation of the machine, striving to an 100% customer satisfaction from installation to debugging.

  • Comprehensive Technical Support: Provide comprehensive training services, including delta robot programming, electrical basics, application training, maintenance training, etc.

  • ROBOT+ Service Concept: In order to solve customers' worries, according to customers' operation habits and production line characteristics, we carry out software upgrade, maintenance and rapid supply of components to solve customers' problems.

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OEM Process


Requirement analysis


Scheme design


Machine making


Site installation and debugging

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