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One of the Highlights of Robotphoenix: Three New Products Arrive in 2023

On March 29, the new product launch conference of Robotphoenix was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This time, it released three new products: Lobster series wafer handling robot, Camel series AGV latent mobile robot and Gorilla series robot controller. At the same time, the conference will open the full online live broadcast through the synchronous linkage of the head media of two industries: IM Robotic and GG Robot.

New products launch and bring more possibilities:

This conference has been highly valued by people from Robotphoenix and others from all walks of life. Mr. Zhang Sai, CEO of Robotphoenix, attended the conference and witnessed it with the upstream and downstream partners and many media reporters.

Lobster series wafer handling robot

Product Manager Li Shengbao explained that wafer handling robots are combination of robot body and end-effector(optional). With an excellently rigid structure and a high performance RP-Lobster series controller system, it achieves smooth and rapid handling through highly controllable servo motors and control software. Repeated positioning accuracy: ≤±0.1mm. With high accuracy, flexibility and safety, it can be used for precise transportation and transmission of machining components.


Camel series AGV latent mobile robot

Product Manager Chen Yingwei introduced that Camel series AGV latent mobile robot is based on integrated multi-sensor navigation algorithm, which can realize automatic and efficient cargo handling. Using Multi-AGV clusters dispatching to alternative logistics lines and to form a flexible production and transporting system. Equipped with self-developed AGV controller, independent operation and multi-machine cooperative dispatching operation can be realized through single machine programming.


Gorilla series robot controller

Product manager Wang Cong introduced that Gorilla series robot controller is a high-performance universal motion controller. It has robot hand-eye calibration algorithm, conveyor belt calibration algorithm, and visual detection. Cooperate with robot, tasks like accurate positioning, grasping, and alignment can be achieved. Integrated motion control instructions of PLCopen specification, and in line with IEC61131-3 standards, it support structure text, ladder diagram, sequence flow chart, function block diagram, continuous function chart, and instruction list. It is easy to achieve complex mathematical operations and motion control.


A concluding speech

Wu Hao, general manager & senior product director of Supply Chain Center, briefly introduced the exploration of Robotphoenix in the industrial robot field in the past ten years, and said that Robotphoenix would always strive to become a world-class industrial robot company in China.


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