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Robot in 3C

In the field of 3C manufacturing, Robotphoenix's electronic assembly robot is mainly used in component patching, machine assembling, component producing and other aspects. This type of pcb assembly robot can be compatible with products of various specifications and models. With the visual tracking system, it can realize the orderly arrangement of disordered materials. Robots of clean version meet the requirements of dust-free, pollution-free and static-free, which greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises. By combining advanced robotic automation technology, we provide you with the most suitable robots in 3C.

Industrial Robotics Industry

Flexible Arrangement of TWS Earphone Cords

This pcb assembly robot can meet the requirements of high-speed, high-precision and flexible arrangement of TWS earphone cords, thus performing as well as car factory robots. UPH≥7200 (single working position 1800); Accuracy up to ±0.035mm; Flexible vibration feeding without scratching; High-precision catch-on-fly module without stopping; Compact size and stable operation.

Robotic Machinery

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