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The “Venture Capital Fund Visit to QiLu” inspection team visited Robotphoenix for research and investigation

On October 26, the “Venture Capital Fund Visit to QiLu” inspection team organized by Shandong Development and Reform Commission, accompanied by leaders such as Guan Xisheng, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Jinan Development and Reform Commission visited Robotphoenix for research. Zhang Sai, Chairman and President of Robotphoenix, Mao Ben, Secretary of the Board of Directors and some executives gave a warm reception to them and accompanied the visit.


The team first visited our company’s exhibition hall, development laboratory and production workshop, and conducted on-site research on our company’s various businesses and operations. Chairman and President Zhang Sai detailed our company’s corporate culture, development history, product development, production debugging and project development to the attendees. Through on-site visits and explanations, the team had a deeper and more comprehensive understanding to Robotphoenix’ corporate culture and various achievements.



  At the symposium, Mao Ben, Secretary of the Board of Directors, first expressed warm welcome to the arrival of the “Venture Capital Fund Visit to QiLu” inspection team. He described the exploration and achievements of Robotphoenix in the field of industrial robots over the past decade from the perspectives of market space, product development, business model and investment highlights. The attendees highly praised the steady development and continuous innovation of Robotphoenix, and stated that they will bring into full play of the positive role of venture capital in supporting the development of technology-based enterprises and deepen cooperation and exchanges between both sides.

The inspection guidance and symposium successfully concluded and laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation between both sides. Next, both sides will further strengthen communication, promote the smooth implementation of cooperation projects, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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