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Introduction To Handling Robot

In recent years, with the gradual disappearance of China's population dividend, the labor cost of enterprises has been rising, and various robots have been widely used. The emergence of robots has liberated the productivity of enterprises and industries through "machine replacement", and also promoted the transformation of industrial development from labor-intensive to technology-based, and promoted the industry's intelligence.

Among many industrial robots, the handling robot is undoubtedly one of the robots with the highest application rate. Whether in industrial manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, food, chemical industry and other industries, or in the post office, library, wharf, airport, parking lot and other scenes, you can see the figure of the handling robot.

The handling robot includes fixed robots such as manipulator and manipulator, rail mobile robots such as rail carrier and rail robot, and autonomous mobile robots such as unmanned carrier and AGV.

1. Advantages of handling robot

Handling operation refers to holding the workpiece with a device and moving it from one processing position to another. The robot can install different end actuators to complete the work of workpiece handling in various shapes and states, which greatly reduces the heavy physical labor. In addition, the handling robot has the following advantages:

(1) Improve logistics management

The handling robot can make the placement of goods more orderly, orderly and standardized;

(2) Reliable scheduling capability

Data analysis and remote control through the central control system;

(3) Prevent damage to goods

If the goods are handled manually, it is likely to cause product damage due to non-standard operation or negligence, and the handling robot can well avoid the loss caused by this error;

(4) Long-distance transportation

The handling robot system can effectively transport at any station and reduce the waste of human resources;

(5) Optimize process flow

The handling robot can connect many processes as needed, and can more intuitively find the rationality of the on-site process;

(6) Special working environment

The handling robot can work in the environment where people are not adapt to or have potential hazards;

(7) Cost control

The handling robot can save a lot of labor, and solve the problem of personnel loss caused by boring mechanical handling;

(8) Improve the overall image of the enterprise

The use of handling robots can make reasonable use of the existing floor space, improve the corporate image and workshop cleanliness, and realize unmanned production. People can make the goods more orderly, orderly and standardized.

2. Development prospect of handling robot

Nowadays, the handling robot is not only a new hot spot pursued by the market, but also a major force in the development of the industry of automation robotics.

The performance of the handling robot is inseparable from its market demand. As we all know, material handling is everywhere. It exists in all walks of life. The material handling work has long-term and basic enterprise needs, and is often affected by personnel, cost, efficiency and other factors. Therefore, in this context, the handling robot has great potential.

Robots are becoming more and more intelligent. While improving our labor skills, we have also opened up new jobs, and robot engineers have become popular. In the future, the cultivation of multi-level and multi-type technical talents from R&D, production, maintenance to system integration will be the key to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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