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Robotphoenix has won two more honors in China's industrial automation and digitization industry

From 28th to 30th, August, the 4th Global Digital Economy Industry Conference is held at Hall 7 and Hall 8 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). During the exhibition, summits are held in the fields of Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, photovoltaic, and photoelectric technology.

The theme of the conference is 'Focusing on the Digital Economy and Empowering Industrial Development'. It attaches great importance to the collaborative development of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and gathers nearly 500 industry leaders to participate. The exhibition focuses on showcasing technological achievements and product innovation in multiple fields such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smart photovoltaic and energy storage, digital industry, photoelectric technology, 5G cloud computing, big data, digital life, and more.

As a sponsor of the conference, Robotphoenix is invited to attend the event to help empower and upgrade enterprises.


As a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise, Robotphoenix, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Sai, focuses on the research and development of lightweight high-speed industrial robots, constantly challenging breakthroughs in core technical problems. We have a full range of product matrices for lightweight industrial robots and core components such as delta robots, SCARA robots, small six axis robots, AGV robots, wafer handling robots, robot controllers, and visual systems.

At present, we have subsidiaries in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen, with a total R&D, office, and production area of over 30000 square meters. We possess over 200 national patents, and has achieved a compound annual growth rate of over 110% in revenue in the past 7 years. D-round financing was already completed.

Chairman Zhang Sai, with his rich professional knowledge and practical experience, led the Robotphoenix team to achieve remarkable achievements in the industrial automation and digital industry, and is awarded the '2023 China Industrial Automation and Digital Transformation Pioneer Award'.


The self-developed Python-series SCARA robots have won the ‘2023 China Industrial Automation and Digital Industry Excellent Product Award’ for its superior speed, accuracy, linearity, and vertical performance.


Product performance

Lightweight and compact. Lightweight design, small footprint, and quick configuration according to production line changes.

Easy to operate. Adopting a UI interface, it is convenient for users to quickly complete operations such as teaching, program changes, and status tracking.

High precision. The repeated positioning accuracy reaches ±0.02mm, with better performance.

Traction teaching. Draggable teaching, graphical operation, and easy programming.

Visual recognition. Visual guidance function is optional at the end.

Quick configuration. Be convenient and more efficient to disassemble and assemble, suitable for fields with frequent production line changes.


Stepping ahead with determination, striving to be a first-class example. Next, Robotphoenix will continue to explore and innovate, actively explore the 'dual empowerment' of digitization and industrialization, and take practical actions to promote high-quality development of the enterprise.

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