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Wafer Handling Robot

Based on the pioneering technology of intelligent high-speed parallel delta robot, Robotphoenix invented new 4-DOF parallel semiconductor wafer handling robots of single-platform and dual-platform, which broke through the bottleneck to realize a larger swing angle and higher output speed in multi-closed-loop parallel mechanism. The dual-platform robot angle can reach at least ±180°, and under 0.1kg payload, the fastest travel beat of running in the standard doorframe-shaped trajectory can reach 0.28s. Maximum acceleration is 15g.

Wafer Handling Robot Types

Lobster200Z300S-T0X5-C Wafer Robot

  • One-armed robot; arm length 200mm;

  • Payload 0.5kg;

  • Repositioning accuracy ±0.1mm. Its cleanliness reaches class 100, suitable for atmospheric applications.

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Lobster185Z340D-T2X0-C Wafer Robot

  • Two-armed robot; arm length 185mm;

  • Payload 2kg;

  • Repositioning accuracy ±0.1mm. Its cleanliness reaches class 100, suitable for atmospheric applications.

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Lobster200Z300S-T0X5-V Wafer Robot

  • One-armed robot; arm length 200mm;

  • Payload 0.5kg;

  • Repositioning accuracy ±0.1mm. Its cleanliness reaches ISO Class1, suitable in a vacuum environment. 

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Wafer Handling Robot for Specific Environmental Demands

Atmospheric wafer handling robots

Lobster200Z300S-TOX5-C one-armed wafer handling robot and Lobster185Z340D-T2XO-C two-armed wafer transfer robot are suitable for atmospheric applications.

Vacuum-compatible wafer handling robot

Lobster200Z300S-TOX5-V one-armed wafer handling robot fits in a vacuum environment.

Features of Wafer Handling Robot

Features of Wafer Handling Robot
Features of Wafer Handling Robot

The automated wafer handling robot self-developed by Robotphoenix achieves a repositioning accuracy of 3μm, which reaches higher accuracy compared to other similar products of approximately 20μm. The Lobster series wafer handling robots are a type of industrial robots for sale that include single-armed, double-armed, and vacuumed models, and can be used in various semiconductor wafer handling scenarios.

Wafer Handling Robot Video Library

Industry Applications of Wafer Handling Robot Systems

Wafer robots find essential roles in various industries:

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Ensuring flawless wafer transfers, and optimizing yields.

Electronics Assembly: Enabling precision in microelectronic device creation.

Photovoltaic Production: Enhancing solar panel quality and consistency.

Optoelectronics: Enabling precise handling for advanced optics.

Biotechnology and Medical Devices: Aiding in delicate component fabrication.

MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems): Precision handling for small-scale devices.

Advanced Packaging: Accurate placement in multi-die packages.

Research and Development: Supporting material and process experimentation.

These applications highlight the wafer robot's impact across industries, fostering efficiency and innovation.

Why Choose Semiconductor Wafer Handling Robots From Robotphoenix?

Founded in 2012, Robotphoenix is a national high-tech robotic machinery enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing of industrial robots, development of control systems and vision systems, intelligent manufacturing solutions, and equipment provision. Robotphoenix has passed various management system certifications and holds more than 200 national patents, obtaining self-support exports and import rights. We have developed and completed over 900 application cases in industries such as automobiles, 3C electronics, food, daily chemicals, healthcare, logistics, and new energy, and have been awarded honorary titles such as national-level specialized, refined, and innovative 'Small Giant' Enterprise; and Provincial Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise.

1. Turnkey service mode: From scheme customization to normal machine operation, with the participation of professional personnel throughout the entire process, installation, and debugging, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

2. Comprehensive technical support: We provide comprehensive training services, including robot programming, electrical fundamentals, application training, repair and maintenance training, etc.

3. ROBOT+service philosophy: To address customer's concerns, software upgrades, repairs and maintenance, and rapid supply of components are carried out based on their usage habits and production line characteristics, in order to solve their problems.

Silicon Wafer Handling - Top Of Semiconductor Wafer Handling Robots

Lobster-series wafer handling robot consists of the robot body and end effector (optional), with excellent structural rigidity, equipped with a high-performance RP-Lobster series controller system, achieving smooth and fast handling process by highly manipulative servo motor and control software. It has extremely high accuracy, flexibility, and safety, with a repositioning accuracy of no more than ±0.1mm., which can be used for precise transportation and transmission of processed components.

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