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Industrial Robot Solutions

Robotphoenix always takes customers' demands as guidance, provides industrial robotics solutions for more than 500 enterprises in multiple industries, and empowers intellectualization iteration.

Automatic Packing Solution
Automatic packing solutions adapt to different specifications of products, and custom packing solutions are more flexible.
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Handling Robots in Automatic Packing Solution
Automatic Arranging Solution
Automatic arranging solutions featured by automation robotics and machine solutions meet the requirements of automatic loading and arranging for a wide range of applications.
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Handling Robots in Automatic Arranging Solution
Automatic Sorting Solution
Automatic sorting solutions is a type of custom robotic automation solutions, combining with visual fusion technology, which realizes the rapid sorting of multi-specification products.
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Handling Robots in Automatic Sorting Solution
Bottle Unscrambling Solution
Bottle unscrambling solutions cause no scratches during bottle management process and the efficiency can reach 100-120 bottles/min.
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Handling Robots in Bottle Unscrambling Solution
Lids Applicator Solution
Lids applicator solutions reach an accuracy up to 1mm in lids application and a speed up to 90-100 bags/min.
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Handling Robots in Lids Applicator Solution
Assembly Robot Solution
Robot assembly solutions have excellent features such as compact structure, high integration and light weight.
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Handling Robots in Assembly Robot Solution
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