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Robot Visual System

In a complex vision system, hardware and software need a lot of data interaction, and there is a complex process to control interaction. Other external hardwares' datum such as datum from PLC, encoder and photoelectric sensor, also need to participate in the visual processing process.

Different Types of Robot Visual System

Robot Visual Module 2D

  • Using the image sensor to collect the planar images.

  • Using 2D visual algorithm to calculate the corresponding results according to the characteristics information of the planar images.

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Robot Visual Module 3D

  • Using 3D camera/sensor to collect 3D information of the targets.

  • Using 3D algorithm to get required results.

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Difference Between Robot Visual Module 2D and 3D


The biggest difference between 3D vision and 2D vision technology lies in the different types of datum to be processed.


In the field of 3D robot vision, the 3D point cloud date of the objects being processed are usually collected by 3D sensors, while 2D vision technology is mainly used to process information in planar images.

How Do Robotic Vision Systems Work?

How Do Robotic Vision Systems Work?
How Do Robotic Vision Systems Work?

Under the framework of a vision guided robotic system desiged by Robotphoenix, the workpiece positioning detector detects the objects' position and sends a trigger pulse to the image capture section. The image capture section sends a starting pulse to the camera and lighting system according to a preset procedure and delay. The camera designed by robotic equipment manufacturers starts frame scanning, and then begins to scan and export one frame image. The image capture part receives analog signal and digitizes by analog-digital conversion. Image capture part then stores digital images. The CPU processes and gets the measurement results, then achieve functions like controlling the action of the production line, positioning or correcting motion deviation and so on.

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