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Wonderful Review of Moment of Glory || Robotphoenix Won 2 Grand Prizes

Recently, Robotphoenix has been invited to participate in the 2023 Shanghai Jinqiao Intelligent Manufacturing Summit and the 2023 Gaogong Robot Annual Conference. Zhang Zichao, Vice President of Robotphoenix, and Zhang Xu, Vice General Manager of Robotphoenix, attended the events.


Part 01. 2023 Shanghai Jinqiao Intelligent Manufacturing Summit

On November 23, 2023 Shanghai Jinqiao Intelligent Manufacturing Summit, hosted by IMRobotic, was successfully held in Jinqiao, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It has attracted enthusiastic attention from the intelligent manufacturing industry and also attracted industry elites and well-known enterprises from the field of intelligent manufacturing to participate.

As a leading global provider of all-category industrial robots for light industry and intelligent manufacturing systems, Robotphoenix was invited to attend this event and gathered with over 20 well-known enterprises in the industry to bring the latest technology sharing and product display.



01. Keynote Speech

During the summit, Zhang Zichao, Vice President of Robotphoenix, delivered a keynote speech on “Robotphoenix Explores Deeply for Upgrading of Digitization and Intelligentization in Light Industry Field”. Zhang Zichao shared the exploration made by Robotphoenix in the field of industrial robots with the guests. Combining on Robotphoenix’s development history and years of experience in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing in the industrial robot industry, he provided a professional interpretation of the industry's development trends and opportunities, and detailed the core technological advantages, products, and applications of Robotphoenix.



02. Award Ceremony

At the award ceremony, the list of winners for the “2nd Craftsman Cup Excellent Brand” award was announced. Robotphoenix, with its internationally leading independent technological innovation capability, scarce one-stop delivery capability in the industry, and strong ability to acquire and serve leading customers, won “Industrial Robot Excellent Brand Award”.


Part 02. 2023 Gaogong Robot Annual Conference

On November 28 and 29, the 2023 (Fourth) Gaogong Robot Annual Conference and Gaogong Golden Globe Awards Ceremony opened grandly in Hefei, Anhui Province. The theme of the conference was “Intelligent Manufacturing Logistics Upgrade and Competition for the New Era”, with a total of 4 special sessions and over 200 upstream and downstream enterprises in the mobile robot industry chain attending.


01. Keynote Speech

During the annual conference, Zhang Xu, Vice General Manager of Robotphoenix, delivered a keynote speech on “GAIA Plan: The Power of Division of Labor Brought by ODM Model”. Looking back at history, the rise of the Wintel alliance has proven that reasonable division of labor can enable upstream enterprises and even downstream customers in the industry chain to cooperate and achieve win-win results. Currently, the AGV supply system is vertical, and all software, AGV body, and delivery are independently completed by AGV manufacturers. Therefore, Robotphoenix has launched the GAIA plan, advocating for the separation of the software, AGV body and delivery, allowing professional companies to do professional work, doing a good job in industry division of labor, and making the industry more prosperous.



02. Award Ceremony

At the award ceremony, the list of winners for the “Golden Globe Awards” was announced. R20-60 SCARA composite mobile robot independently developed by Robotphoenix, with outstanding product innovation and application ability to cover difficult and key scenarios, was awarded the “Annual Innovative Product” award. This indirectly reflected the recognition of Gaogong Robot and the industry for Robotphoenix’s product innovation and technological research and development capabilities , and also reflected the recognition of Gaogong Robot and the industry for Robotphoenix’s brand value.



R20-60 SCARA composite mobile robot can support efficient and high-precision handling and gripping of 6KG goods at maximum. On the other hand, based on a navigation algorithm that integrates multiple sensors such as QR code, laser SLAM, odometer, and inertial navigation, Robotphoenix’s R20-60 SCARA composite mobile robot meets the requirements of high flexibility and precision navigation positioning. Based on end effector visual guidance, flexible and efficient gripping of goods is achieved through SCARA end effector grippers.


Looking ahead to the future, Robotphoenix will always take it as own responsibility to promote the process of intelligentization of national industry, adhere to the business philosophy of integrity, lean, hardworking, and innovation, and promote the development and growth of China's robot industry.

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