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Robotphoenix sincerely invite you to appreciate the Mars Base at CIIF

On September 19th, the 2023 China International Industrial Fair, with the theme of Digital Economy & Industrial Decarbonization, opened grandly at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).

Robotphoenix, together with a full range of industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing systems for light industry, made the debut at the CIIF, bringing a feast with the theme of Robotphoenix Mars Base.


1. The new exhibition machine was launched

  • Motion control display platform


This platform is controlled by the Robotphoenix Gorilla controller, integrating PLCopen standard motion control instructions, and easily implementing complex mathematical operations and motion control. It can simultaneously control up to 256 axes. By controlling different axes, various information can be combined.


  • Body combination exhibition machine


The exhibition machine achieves integrated precise control of 5 robots through one self-developed Gorilla controller by Robotphoenix; The five robots are Bat series delta robot, Python series SCARA robot, and Mantis series six axis robot, working together to perform single pendulum movements at different frequencies.


  • SCARA robot cyclic grasping and placing


The Python 450-B6 robot in this workstation is equipped with the TOF3D dynamic system and flying camera system developed by Robotphoenix, which can dynamically guide and grasp blocks of different sizes and build high-precision blocks.

The laser 3D profilometer is combined with a flexible vibration disc to place each building block with different postures and colorful colors in the most needed position for construction.


  • Collaborative composite mobile robot

  • SCARA composite mobile robot


This workstation adopts the AGV developed by Robotphoenix, equipped with SCARA robots and collaborative robots, to achieve ore sorting and transportation. Integrate navigation technology and visual guidance technology to meet the accuracy requirements of the operation; The upper system of the composite robot can seamlessly interface with WMS, WCS, and MES systems, achieving full closed-loop control.

  • Double arm six axis display


This display machine adopts two Mantis570-A3 six axis robots developed by Robotphoenix, which can automatically perform material retrieval, centrifuge loading, inspection rack loading, and record inspection results.


  • Wafer handling robot


The wafer handling robot achieves low vibration, smooth and fast transportation through highly controllable servo motors and control software, with extremely high accuracy, flexibility, and safety.

2. Serving customers with dedication


Robotphoenix, with our excellent technology, attracted numerous industry users to visit. The product quality and performance were affirmed, and many potential customers were received on-site.


3. Deepen communication to gain insights into the future

As a new force enterprise of AMR, Robotphoenix now has multiple categories of robots and core components, ranging from arm robots to AMR. The self-developed AMR robots now have multiple models such as Camel-600 latent mobile robots and R20-60 SCARA composite mobile robots. Based on self-developed multi-sensor fusion navigation algorithms and self-developed 2D and 3D visual guidance technology, we comprehensively assist in automated and efficient transportation.

This year, Robotphoenix and the Gao Gong Industry Institute (GGII) jointly wrote the 2023 Blue Book for the Development of Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR) Industry, which was launched at the China International Industrial Fair on the 19th.

At the press conference, Zhang Xu, General Manager of Robotphoenix Business Unit, gave a keynote speech on Where are the New Opportunities and provided detailed sharing on media issues.


4. Celebrity visits keep the scene exciting

On the afternoon of the 19th, Professor Zhang Xuefeng, the founder of Fengxue Weilai, visited the site of the Robotphoenix stand. Chairman Zhang Sai and executives warmly received and had in-depth exchanges on issues such as the integration of industry, academia, and research, and the prospects of automation.


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