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2-Axis Robot

BAT-B parallel delta robot is also called 2-axis robot arm or delta robot 2-axis. It is a small high-speed industrial robot widely used in grasping, sorting, handling, transporting, assembly, painting and other processes. The optimized parallel kinematic design makes the 2-axis delta robot structure more reasonable and neater, faster and quieter. With the integrated intelligent vision system, it can easily realize the intelligent applications.

2-Axis Robot Types

BAT1300B-S50 Heavy Load Delta Robot
  • Maximum load 50kg.

  • Diameter of working space 1300mm.

  • Re-positioning accuracy 0.02mm.

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BAT1000B-S60 Heavy Load Delta Robot
  • Maximum load 60kg.

  • Diameter of working space 1000mm.

  • Re-positioning accuracy 0.02mm.

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Delta Robot 2-Axis Advantages

Bat-series delta robot pick and place has great advantages in operational applications like fast grasping and sorting ,its positioning accuracy is superior, and its re-positioning accuracy is less than 0.1mm, which meets most application needs.  It is also equipped with abundant function expansion. Its strong openness and flexibility allow itself a re-development. Delta robot pick and place can be flexibly applied to precise assembling, sorting, picking and placing, etc., because of the fast-grasping action.

2-Axis Pick And Place Robot Application


Produced by Robotphoenix, a 2-axis parallel robot's moving platform and fixed platform are connected by two independent kinematic chains. The 2-axis robot, also known as 2-axis robot arm, is a closed-loop mechanism that has two degrees of freedom and is driven in a parallel approach.


The two-axis delta robot's parallel system has the advantages of high rigidity, fast speed, strong flexibility, light weight and so on. This delta spider robot is most widely used in food, medicine, electronics and other light industry, and has incomparable advantages in material handling, packaging, sorting and other aspects. Therefore, the high-tech machine is often called 2-axis pick and palce robot by robot suppliers.

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