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VME—2023 Overseas first station of Robotphoenix declaring a successful conclusion

On August 9-11, the Vietnam Manufacturing Exhibition (VME) was grandly held at the Hanoi International Exhibition Center. The exhibition was organized by the world-renowned exhibition company Reed Exhibitions, and is one of the largest machinery manufacturing industry exhibitions in Vietnam.

The cutting-edge technologies in the fields of machinery, components, equipment gathered in the exhibition, as well as solutions required by leading edge industries such as automobiles, electronics, and machinery.


Exhibition machine debut to appear publicly

As one of the representatives of China's industrial robot ontology brands, Robotphoenix is committed to various industries such as automotive parts, 3C electronics, food, daily chemicals, healthcare, logistics, and new energy. 3C electronics, as a key field of Robotphoenix for many years, we have completed hundreds of application cases. Aiming at the characteristics of the Vietnamese market, Robotphoenix participated with a Mobile Phone Screen Protectors Cyclically Picking and Placing Equipment, showing the latest industrial robot products and excellent solutions to local manufacturing and related industry practitioners.


Scheme Introduction

A Delta robot and a SCARA robot collaborate to complete the display of mobile screen protectors cyclically picking and placing. The SCARA robot (model Python550-B6) cooperates with the positioning device of the blister box, and the robotic arm grabs the protective glass of the phone from the blister box to the connecting line; The Delta robot (model Bat1100M-E3) cooperates with the docking line positioning detection to grab the phone's protective glass into the blister box and complete the placement function.


Functional Characteristics

The load range of Delta robot is from 0.1KG to 60KG, with high positioning accuracy of repeated positioning accuracy that less than 0.1mm, meeting most application scenarios; It also possesses rich functional expansion, strong openness and flexibility, secondary development capability, flexible application and fast grasping action.

SCARA robots have multiple arm lengths ranging from 450mm to 850mm, providing superior speed, accuracy, linearity, and perpendicularity performance.


Application Scenario

The mobile screen protectors cyclically picking and placing scheme can be widely used in precision assembly, sorting, packaging and other processes in the 3C electronics industry.


Serving Customers with Dedication

As one of the few Chinese industrial robot brands at the VME, Robotphoenix has received widespread attention both domestically and internationally, attracting numerous industry users to stand aside and watch. The product quality and performance have been recognized by visitors, and we have gained a lot of customer cooperation intentions.


Keep moving with long perspective

In the strategic step of laying out the global market with an international perspective, Robotphoenix accurately grasps the opportunity and gradually develops overseas markets. The stable and positive development of domestic and foreign businesses marks the gradual emergence of the advantages of Robotphoenix global layout.

At present, robots of Robotphoenix are exported to more than ten countries and regions such as Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, providing customers with the highest quality products and services.

In the future, we will continue to seize opportunities and adhere to the business philosophy of integrity, lean production, striving, and innovation to provide more competitive products and services for various industrial customers.

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