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Robotphoenix, Seeing You Here on the 29th China International Disposable Paper Expo

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With grand opening of the 29th China International Disposable Paper Expo at Wuhan International Expo Center today, Robotphoenix showcased three kinds of robots to promote the development of household paper industry. High speed and standard wet towel machines competed against each other, offering customers wider choices while showing the performance of the equipment.

Moreover, Robotphoenix also brought out Scara robot of Python robots series, which were not only able to provide sensor free compliance control but also possessed superior speed, accuracy, linearity and perpendicularity performance to complete grasping, placing and other operations quickly and accurately. Scara robots can not only be used in the household paper industry but meet the needs of different industries such as medicine, 3C, daily chemicals and food.

Grand Occasion at the Expo

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Negotiation and Deal

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Robotphoenix has always been building excellent products with industrial robot technology, shaping quality services with professionalism and efficiency, adhering to the mission of providing extraordinary robot products and services for global manufacturing enterprises, promoting iteration and empowerment for the intelligent production lines of manufacturing enterprises.

The 29th China International Disposable Paper Expo

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