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Pack Expo 2023- The second overseas station of Robotphoenix in North American market

From September 11th to 13th, Pack Expo 2023 was held at the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center in the United States. The exhibition is one of the international procurement projects certified by the US Department of Commerce and has become the largest industry exhibition in North America. It is a highly influential professional exhibition among international packaging exhibitions.

The exhibition covers cutting-edge technologies in fields such as machinery, packaging, and processing. Thousands of exhibitors brought numerous new products and technologies to the exhibition, jointly creating the largest industry feast.



As one of the representatives of Chinese industrial robot ontology brands, Robotphoenix has rich experience in the packaging industry. At the exhibition, we participated with a dynamic pick and package display scheme for cookies. The on-site debugging free all-in-one machine completed the start-up preparation work in only 15 minutes, providing excellent samples for convenient delivery of overseas projects and solving the pain point needs of numerous headquarters in North America and global distribution of subsidiary companies.

Scheme Introduction

The Delta robot and SCARA robot are paired with a visual system to jointly complete the picking and packaging display of cookies. The Delta robot (model Bat1100M-E3) cooperates with the visual system to locate and detect the cookies, and dynamically stack and place them; The SCARA robot (model Python 550-B6) detects the conveyor line to simulate the placement and packing of the placed cookies.

The Delta robot has a load range of 0.1KG~60KG, high positioning accuracy, and repeated positioning accuracy less than 0.1mm, meeting most application scenarios; Rich functional expansion, strong openness, flexibility, secondary development, flexible application, and fast grasping action.

SCARA robots have multiple arm lengths ranging from 450mm to 850mm, providing superior speed, accuracy, linearity, and verticality performance.

As a rare Chinese industrial robot brand at the exhibition, Robotphoenix has received widespread attention from both domestic and international audiences, attracting numerous visitors. The product quality and performance have been affirmed, and many potential customers have been received on-site.

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